the jones plantation

Escape the Jones Plantation in Your Life - Break the bonds of control

"You cannot truly own a man until you can make him believe that you have every right to control him and take what he produces." - Mr. Smith

We aim to change that.

The Debtor

runs the credit card bill - accruing interest, increasing debt loads, and expanding the gap from wealth accumulation. 😭


The Debtor is Overleveraged.

The Saver

spends money and resets their level of wealth. The opportunity cost of deploying cash leads to suboptimal accumulation of wealth. 😔 

The Saver is Underleveraged.

The Wealth Battler

uses tools like Bulletproof Banking principles to Grow , Protect & Use their funds throughout life. 😇

The Wealth Battler is Properly Leveraged.

This reflects the core theme of escaping the Jones Plantation in our lives. It's not just about financial freedom, but a deep, intrinsic liberation from beliefs and systems that seek to control and exploit us.

At Wealth Battle, we explore the insights and tools necessary to recognize and break free from the societal structures that attempt to control us. We provide strategies that go beyond mere wealth accumulation, focusing also on mental liberation and empowerment.

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This novel was printed by Wealth Battle for the increased freedom of all those who read it.


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kason bryden

Kason is a business owner and anarcho-capitalist in Fort Worth, Texas. With experience working in television production as a producer and news photographer, he now spends his time leveraging his skills in production to help arm individuals with a financial education that is lacking in schools.

lisa manfredi

Lisa is a huge fan of the cash flow (both the game and the financial reality). The principles she learned from the game have awakened her inner opportunist to realize that deals are everywhere and abound in all places we focus our attention. She is also a real estate investor, which is cool too.

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