Tanks are fascinating machines... This is a maudlin exposé to the spirit and concept of tanks in the abstract.

A long-time fascination of Kason's as a child rooted well before violence, war, and aggression were recognized as clear and present dangers to the modern world.

Tanks were seen as cool toys to play with and bang around in make believe worlds.

A spark of that playful attachment made it through to adulthood and nested into WealthBattle's Logo.


deterrent demoralizing drivers

Through their thick armor, tanks increase the defense of those within.

They allow you to cross dangerous areas that would otherwise damage or destroy those unprotected.

They can be used as a mobile form of portable and nearly impenetrable cover for infantry.

Some tanks are equipped with so called "Reactive Armor" so if attacked by a rocket or missile that is designed to destroy a tank, it creates it's own secondary explosion to PUSH the missile's payload away from the crew compartment. Pretty dope right?

The M1 Abrams (the US's main battle tank) can weigh 68+ tons. That's 136,000 LBS and can travel at more than 40 Miles Per Hour over rough terrain. This can have a slight demoralizing effect on any attacking force.

As a deterrent there are few machines that can be so effective for shutting down a roadway...
If you see a tank sitting at the end of the street and you aren't welcome, you may opt to take a different route to your destination.

Additionally they can be outfitted with airburst canons that drop smoke to obscure visual and thermal lines of sight while they move to an advantageous position.

When it's out of smoke munitions, the driver can opt to dump diesel fuel into the turbine exhaust creating thick exhaust fumes.

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle. - Sun Tzu in The Art Of War


have canon, will travel

Where deterrents and defense won't do...

One of the most striking features about a tank is their massive rifled canon atop a rotating turret. Have a problem on the hillside over there that can only be solved with the usage of high explosive ordinance? Ready, aim, fire! Blamo. The problem (and most of the hillside)
is gone.

There are other armaments, but imagine this for scale... If a porcupine could throw it's high explosive quills 11 football fields with 90%+ accuracy at Mach 5 while running at 40+ miles per hour, it would be rarely treaded upon mammal.

The best defense is a good offense - Unknown


teamwork makes the dreamwork

Now, to harness the full power of being able to move where you want, when you want, and how you want, you need a good team.

This is where the ties to Wealth Battle really kicks in.

The positions are:


- Scanning 360 degrees for threats. Underwriting danger, and prioritizing tasks. Fun fact, you are the only qualified commander in your Wealth Battle! You are the only one who can truly assess the tactical situation of your personal financial life.


- Measuring distances, assessing angles of fire to achieve maximum results, calculating ballistic trajectories and factoring windspeeds, the one that pulls the trigger. This would be akin to speaking to someone who has increased their earning (offensive) capability in Wealth Battle. Someone who shares the most effective way to charge more in a business, or how to structure a deal to cash flow.


- He keeps the munitions flowing, seeing as the shells to the main cannon are 40 lbs. This is an important responsibility - to keep one in the chamber. Similar to someone who's constantly researching the next best thing to implement in their budget, or perhaps learning skills to evaluate opportunities more judiciously.


- Someone's got to drive this hunk of steel... The driver in Wealth Battle seeks to avoid obstacles, perhaps looking further down someone's plans and points out obstacles they've encountered, and how they've diffused or mitigated the threat.

Without all of these positions, the unit isn't combat effective. The most you could hope for is hopping in the driver seat and turning tail and regrouping.

With a competent crew, the statistical likelihood of death inside of a tank in modern combat is similar to that of being struck by lightning.
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