Affiliate Program

For assistance with sign-up or management please e-mail [email protected]

Build a new cash flow and help others gain control of their finances with the Wealth Battle affiliate program.

View Current Affiliate Rates + How to get your link

1. Login in to your Wealth Battle Billing Portal

2. Select "Your Orders" at the top right.

3. Under "Enlist in Wealth Battle" click "Refer Friends" and send your friends the link!

After your first referral is confirmed - you should automatically receive an e-mail to complete the necessary paperwork to receive payouts.

Need support? E-mail [email protected]

If you have Generation 1 Referral(s) (6/1/22 - 3/1/23)

Your existing referrals will continue to accrue until $100 is ready for pay-out or until the end of a calendar year.