Escape the Rat Race 3- Opportunity

0:48 What is the Rat Race?
1:11 What is I.B.O.A.R.S.E?
1:44 What is an opportunity Fund?
2:49 What are the key components of an Opportunity fund?
3:55 G. P. U what does it stand for?
4:29 How do you be Your Own Bank?
7:32 Does BYOB tick all the boxes?
7:42 Safe & Liquid what do they mean?
9:38 What is Compound Growth?
14:13 How is being your own bank a tax free environment?
15:18 How do I start my own Opportunity Fund?
15:53 What is a AND asset?
19:05 How do I gain market independence?
20:57 How do I evaluate alternatives?
22:11 What are the secrets to Lisa's strategies?
22:42 Final Thoughts
23:16 How to schedule at
23:31 Upcoming Events
23:58 Kason - Policy Question

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