Wealth Battle has been approached and executed a deal to manage the printing of the newest Larken Rose novel The Jones Plantation to coincide with the theatrical release of the film.

The Jones Plantation Timeline

Wealth Battle Timeline


Larken approaches Wealth Battle with tentative offer to manage The Jones Plantation from printing to final delivery.


Agreement is executed between Larken and Wealth Battle over book distribution and printing rights


Interest Form Launched at TheJonesPlantation.Com

Wealth Battle Terms Offered
1 case for $200 repaid at $300 
3 cases for $500 repaid at $267 case
7 boxes for $1,000 repaid at $286 case

August 1

Presales begin at TheJonesPlantation.com

Data at WealthBattle.com/Jones is updated monthly to reflect presales figures

August 15

Bulk Order Presales close


Book Printing Order for Version 1 Made

X% books from pre-sales are ordered

Q3, 2023

Presale orders fulfilled

Presales Fullfilled


Amazon / regular sales channels open as Presales hit 50% fulfillment

Q4, 2023

Repayments to Wealth Battlers made as Pre-Sale deliveries pass 30 day mark 

Repayment Progress



Below is the order of repayment for Wealth Battlers

#01 - L.M.

Case #XXX - #XXX

Order Placed -
Case 999 Pending
Case 998 Pending

#02 -K.B.

Case #XXX - #XXX